Create the Readonly Insight custom field

  1. Login as a member of the Jira-administrators group.
  2. Navigate to Custom Fields in the admin section of Jira. 
  3. Click Add Custom Field and select Advanced
  4. Select the field type Insight Readonly Object/s
  5. Give your Insight Object Field a Name and a Description
  6. Associate the custom field to the desired screens

Configure the Insight custom field

  1. Locate your Insight custom field and click on the cog icon  and select Configure
  2. Click on the link "Edit Insight Configuration"
  3. Select which Object Schema the Insight custom field should use
    1. (info) Tip: You can create several Insight custom fields to use the same object schema or different object schemas
  4. Select the "Filter Scope IQL":

    This is the "core" scope for this field. Any searching in JIRA (JQL) will apply to this IQL.

    objectType = "Computer"
  5. Select the "Filter Assign Scope" if you automatically want to set objects to the custom field. This can be filtered on any issue field values with support for placeholders

    //Assign objects depending on the reporter
    Location.Employee = currentReporter()
    //Can be specified like this as well due to support for place holders
    Location.Employee = ${reporter}

    Remember that the above IQL is just examples, you need to change accordingly to your object schema configuration.

  6. You can specify the attributes that should be shown on any object attached to an issue in the JIRA Issue/Agent view.

On this page:

If you wish to update the read-only custom field in a workflow transition then make sure you add issue updated to the events list and give it a higher priority than that of the CF population action in order for the field to be filled correctly.