This documentation is for Insight for Server/Data Center only.

Basic search

We provide a basic search similar to the basic search built in Jira. You can choose any kind of attributes to filter on. In the Object view, you will always have a button "Filter Search" which you can click to filter your result set.

When you choose an attribute to filter on a new window will open depending on the attribute type. If you select an attribute of type "Text", you will be able to search in an input field. If you select an attribute of type "Date", you will be able to select dates in a date picker and other options. So it depends on the type of attribute you wants to filter on. Here are some examples:

You can remove a selection be clicking on the delete button:

Advanced search

Like Jira, we provide an advanced filtering alternative as well. It is accessed by pressing the advanced link next to the filter search button.

The Advanced search is based on the Insight Query Language and supports filtering by IQL statements. 

When switching from the Basic search and the Advanced search, your current selected filter will be translated to IQL (and vice versa). If the conversion is not possible e.g. the filter expressed is not represented in the IQL yet the toggle link between the search alternatives will be disabled. 

If you entered an IQL that is not valid the visual feedback will tell you that the entered IQL is not valid.