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Using Insight as a trusted source for thousands or millions of your assets require a powerful reporting to stay on top on everyday changes to your core business. The reports available in Insight gives you the intelligence you need and if you need special reports, you can easily build your own report types by following our documentation.


  • Identify the affected asset for each facility request so they know which items are impacted
  • Indicate the location of a facility service request so the facilities team knows exactly what and where the service should be delivered
  • Route requests to the right person and department upon request for faster delivery
  • Schedule regular maintenance activities, connected to objects, which will make sure they are never forgotten
  • Search and get a history of all the activities centered around an object for follow up and compliance   

... and so much more.

Legal & Compliance


An important requirement from Insight customers is the possibility to manage sophisticated and enterprise grade service- and product catalogues. And we're happy to conclude that Insight really master this area with all the necessary features you need, from reporting and advanced searching to automation and post-functions. Automate your catalogue experience and experience the unparalleled control with Insight. End users can create requests towards all your catalogue items by creating tickets in any flavour of Jira.