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objectTypeYou can limit the search result to a specific object type, e.g. objecttype = Servers
objectTypeIdYou can limit the search result on object typ ids like objectTypeId in (1, 2) 
anyAttributeYou can search on any attribute like: "anyAttribute ="
objectLimit the search to the object, e.g. "object having inboundReferences()"
objectIdFind an object by object schema ID, e.g. "objectID = 114"


EQUAL=The value is equal (not case sensitive) to input
LESS_THEN<The value is less then input
MORE_THEN>The value is more then input
LESS_THEN_AND_EQUAL<=The value is less or equal then value
MORE_THEN_AND_EQUAL>=The value is more or equal then value
LIKElikeThe input is a subset of value
NOT_LIKEnot likeThe input does not contain the value
INinThe input is a set of values
NOT_EQUAL!=The value is not equal to input
NOT_INnot inThe input is not a set of values
STARTS_WITHstartswithThe input starts with input
ENDS_WITHendswithThe input ends with input
ISisThe input is something or not.

It followed by "empty" or "not empty". It represents if a value is existing or not.

OUTBOUND_REFERENCE.The attributes reference attribute is queried
STRICT_EQUAL==The value is strict (case sensitive) equal to input
HAVINGhavingThe input is having a property like inbound references
NOT HAVINGnot havingThe input is not having a property like outbound references