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  1. Condition: This is a IQL expression and when the scheduled rule is activated, all Insight objects that are matched by the Condition, will trigger an individual Action. 
    For more details, please refer to: IQL - Insight Query Language
  2. Cron Expression: This determines when and how often the provided Condition will try to match Insight objects, in order to perform the Actions configured for this rule.
    By default, the expression is set to " 0 0 12 1/1 * ? *", that is: once a day at noon (Thursday, April 28, 2016 12:00 PM, ...) but can of course be changed to the desired need.

          For more information on Cron expressions, refer to this linkRefer to this link if you want help with setting up cron expressions.

(warning) Scheduled events MUST have a specific user as "Run as". This due to the fact that they are not triggered by an action from a logged in user.