Technical Q&A

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I miss something, that I am using in SCCM. How can I get the missing assets?

The Microsoft SCCM Database contains a lot of informations that can be used.

If there is some informations (attributes) are missing, please create a feature request and we will check the possibility to add the missing informations.

Is it possible to use Windows Authentication for the Database Connection?

We have added the possibility for 

  • NativeAuthentication
  • JavaKerberos

Please notice that the selection only modifies internal the connection string to the database server it will add the following part to the connection string where %s is the selected authentication type


To use Kerberos you need to handle that the system is able to create kerberos tickets.

You can read more about that here:

Why is the import consuming so much memory

The Integration is fetching all the data (selected ObjectTypes) to the memory.
You can find the used SQL-Statements here, this data will be transported to the Insight Import Engine which will create
Insight Objects also in memory.

Related to the nature of that and depending on how much data is stored in SCCM you will need a lot of memory.