Importing Data into Insight

To import SCCM data into Insight you navigate to the Import section in the object schema configuration. You can read about all the possibilities in the Insight Import documentation found here: General Import Concepts

Import Type Settings

Optional Date patterns

You don't need to specify the date pattern in the general import configuration settings. However, it could be wise to specify them since you will get some improved performance.

Date Format


Date/Time Format

dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm

Module Specific Configuration


specific the Address of your SQL Server



SCCM Database Name

specified the name of your SCCM Database

Database Userspecified the name of the user that have readable access to the SCCM Database
Database Passwordthe password for the selected user to connect to the SCCM Database
Authentication Type*
  • SQL Server Authentication (default)
  • Native Authentication (Windows Kerberos)
  • Java Kerberos


Please notice that the selection only modifies internal the connection string to the database server it will add the following part to the connection string where %s is the selected authentication type


To use Kerberos you need to handle that the system is able to create kerberos tickets.

You can read more about that here: