Setting up Insight GoogleCloud Integration

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What you need to get it up and running

Insight GoogleCloud Integration requires both JIRA (Core, Software or Service Desk) and Insight to function.

Download and install Insight GoogleCloud Integration

The latest version of Insight GoogleCloud can be downloaded from Atlassian Marketplace.

Setting up Insight synchronization

You need to setup Insight in order to import data from GoogleCloud. Read about how to setup up Insight here

1. Creating a Service Account

1.1) On the dashboard, in the left navigation menu, select IAM & admin > Service accounts

1.2) Choose "Create Service Account"

1.3) Enter a Name for the Account, select Role > Project > Viewer

1.4) Select "Create Key", select Key type > JSON

1.5) By saving/creating the Account you will get the JSON file that will contain all required informations that you need for setting up the Import-Configuration

The client_id value will be used as "Account Id" in the Import-Configuration

The private_key value is required for the "Private Key" in the Import-Configuration

1.6) For multi project support copy the generated email address of the service account to the clipboard

1.7) add the service account to every project (switch the project and go to IAM & admin > Services and add the service account that you have created previously)

If you set the Role to "Viewer" then please make sure that "Viewer" have the required permission for Storage(s)

Per default the account need "Editor" permissions.

2. Enabling Required APIs

2.1) On the dashboard, in the left navigation menu, select APIs & Services

2.2) Choose "Enable APIs and Services"

2.3) Search the following APIs and enable them if not enabled:

    • Compute Engine API
    • Google Cloud Storage
    • Cloud Resource Manager API
    • Identity and Access Management (IAM) API

2.4) for multi project you need to enable the APIs for each project


After enabling the APIs you need to wait a few minutes until the account can access to them.

The Google Backend need to update the permissions.