Importing Data into Insight

To import GoogleCloud data into Insight you navigate to the Import section in the object schema configuration. You can read about all the possibilities in the Insight Import documentation found here: General Import Concepts

Import Type Settings

Optional Date patterns

You don't need to specify the date pattern in the general import configuration settings. However, it could be wise to specify them since you will get some improved performance.

Date Format


Date/Time Format

dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm

Module Specific Configuration

Project Id(s)

The Identifier of the GoogleCloud Platform Project(s)

see Setting up Insight GoogleCloud Integration

Multiple Projects can be entered comma separated

Account Id

The Identifier of the account that had access to fetch data from the APIs

(in the JSON file the Id is called "client_id")

see Setting up Insight GoogleCloud Integration

Private Key

The private key for the selected account.

You can paste the whole key string with the begin and end markers

see Setting up Insight GoogleCloud Integration


specifies the API Gateway Region(s) that will be used