Insight Discovery 2.14.0 Release Notes

Introduce Pattern Group selection

Make sure to use the latest Insight version when using the Insight Discovery

We also have included improvement on the discovery tool such as:

  • Improvement: adding a statistic for agent-client communication
  • Improvement: adding a VirtualGuest-Type Attribute for VirtualGuest-Objects
  • Improvement: Hypervisor reference logic
  • Improvement: adding a function to select or deselect pattern files by groups
  • Improvement: adding a Pattern to get MacOSX FQDN
  • BugFix: ESXi-Host Pattern wrong Serialnumber fetched

Duplicate ESXi - Host

Per default is the Serialnumber Attribute is included for building the ObjectHash.

As the pattern file for the ESXi-Host has changed it will change the ObjectHash of your ESXi Host Object, when previously a wrong value was fetched.

We apologise this situation and recommend to copy the ObjectHash of the "new" Host System to the "old" Host System.

After this manual step you can delete the "new" Host System.

included Windows Discovery-Agent 1.11.2

Insight 5.7.0 or above is required for this version of Insight Discovery