Insight Discovery 2.11.0 Release Notes

Introduction Pattern Management

We have focused on improving the management of pattern files. This means that you now are able to enable/disable pattern files in general or for particular scan settings. 

Make sure to use the latest Insight version when using the Insight Discovery

We also have included improvement on the discovery tool such as:

Improvement: adding functionality to enable/disable pattern files

Improvement: adding Solaris Pattern files

Improvement: Application Credentials, application name is a dropdown

Improvement: added an attribute for Host.Hypervisor

Improvement: adding attribute "Short Name" to Application-Service-Object

Change: Filesystem Name changed from Win32_LogicalDisk.Desciption to Win32_LogicalDisk.VolumeName (new ObjectHash)

Change: changed the attribute name for VirtualGuest.Host to VirtualGuest.Hypervisor

Change: change CPU-Object usage

we have changed the logic around the CPU-Objects

After the change (existing schemas and configurations need a manual change!) equal CPU-Objects will be reused and assigned to multiple Host/Virtual-Guests.

The CPU-Object will have the same behaviour as e.g. Applications.

Please compare and rearange your Schema-Attributes and Import-Configuration with the following

included the Windows Discovery-Agent 1.9.0

Insight 5.7.0 or above is required for this version of Insight Discovery