Service Instance ID changed

In the version before 2.5.2 we had an issue that it can happend that the Instance ID for the running service is different to the shown version in the UI.

In that situation an automatic uninstall is not possible for the Discovery or Collector-Tool.

You can manually fix that with the following steps: 

  • open services and find the Service name of the Discovery or Collector-Tool
  • open a command box with administrator privilege 
  • run "sc stop Discovery-Service-<ID>" or "sc stop Collector-Service-<ID>"
  • run "sc delete Discovery-Service-<ID>" or "sc delete Collector-Service-<ID>"
  • refresh the services and make sure that the service is removed
  • update to the latest version → see: Updating Documentation
  • install the service with "discovery -i" or "collector -i"