Setting up Insight AWS Integration

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What you need to get it up and running

Insight AWS Integration requires both JIRA (Core, Software or Service Desk) and Insight to function.

Download and install Insight AWS Integration

The latest version of Insight AWS can be downloaded from Atlassian Marketplace.

Setting up Insight synchronization

You need to setup Insight in order to import data from AWS. Read about how to setup up Insight here

1. Creating an IAM-User for synchronisation

1.1) For importing AWS Data you need to create an user with key and secret to connect with the AWS-API.

Please follow the AWS Documentation Guide for creating user and key material.

2. Creating an Import Policy

2.1) Create a Policy → choose JSON → copy & paste the following JSON Text


save the Policy with a name like "Insight Import Permissions"

Remember that you need to update the policy when we adding new service support.

The have added the date of the policy as Sid in the JSON Text

3. Assign the Import Policy to the IAM-User

3.1) Assign the created Policy (2.) to the Import User (1.)

4. Create a SSM Policy and Role

To get some detail attributes for the EC2 Instance you need to have the SSM-Agent installed on the EC2-Instance and you need to create an SSM-Role and attach them to your instances.

4.1) Create a Policy → choose JSON → copy & paste the following JSON Text


save the Policy with a name like "Insight SSM Role"

4.2) Create a Role → choose EC2 a initial Service → assign the created Policy to the role

save the Role with a name like "Insight Import SSM Role"

4.3) change the Trusted Relationships for the role to the following JSON


If the Agent is not available or the Role is not assigned the following informations where not be able to import → SSM Instance Details

More Information about SSM see the AWS-SSM-Documentation