Application reference direction change

Make sure to use the latest Insight version (at least 5.7.0) when using the Insight Snow Integration

We also have included improvement on the Insight Snow Integration such as:

  • Change: The logic of the reference direction for the Application Object has changed, you need to perform the following manual changes in your structure and import configuration:

For the Application-Object you need to remove the following Attributes:

  • Computers
  • Users
  • Licenses
  • Mobile Devices

For the following Object Types you need to add the new Attribute "Applications"
and adding the mapping in the Import Configuration

  • License
  • Mobile Device
  • Computer
  • User

  • Change: new Agreement Attribute "Restricted to roles"

For the Object Type "Agreement" you need to add the new Attribute "Restricted to roles"
and adding the mapping

  • Change: filter NetworkInterface with IP-Address and (none)

For existing Import Configurations you need to add the IQL filter "IP Address" NOT IN ("","(none)")

This is only available from Insight version 5.7.0 and above

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