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This import type will import objects into Insight with a JSON file that holds the data to import.

Import Type Fields

These are the module type specific fields needed to be configured for this import type:



Import fromChoose if you want to import from an uploaded file or if you want to import from a URL


Protocol, Hostname and Port of where to find the external JSON file. Example: http(s):// or file:///opt/csv/example.json


Choose from your uploaded files (or upload one file directly). Note that the file will be uploaded to the Jira server and need to be replaced if new data should be imported.


Optional username for basic authentication 


Optional password for basic authentication

You can set a password when you create a JSON import configuration.

If you then come to edit your JSON import later, the password field will be disabled. If you want to edit the password, you have to check the Change value checkbox provided adjacent to the Password field as shown in the screenshot below.

To save your edited password, make sure you keep the Change value checkbox checked until you click on the Next button. If you uncheck it accidentally, the password field is disabled again with its original value retained and the newly entered password will not be saved.

EncodingThe encoding used in the file.

Object Type Mapping Settings


The selector for the JSON import. 

Use [Attribute.*[Attribute]]


  • "items"
  • "items.item"
  • ""

Only JSON arrays are valid as selector!

Data Locator


The data locators provided are depending on the JSON and the selector configured.

Predefined Structure & Configuration

The predefined structure and configuration will be created based on the JSON file/URL present in the configuration. Be aware that a predefined structure and configuration can be useless depending on the structure. You probably wants to create the structure and configuration as you really want it to be configured.