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Insight contains four different graphs to help you get a better overview of your data. These are the Object Schema Graph, Object Type Graph, Object Graph and Tree Graph.

Object Schema Graph

To view the object schema graph click on the Graph button in the upper right corner.

This graph is made to give you an overview of how the types in your schema are connected.

To get information about a certain object type simply click on it and view it on the right side. The gray lines point to the parent object type and the colored lines mark object attribute dependency. By clicking the cog icon you come to the graph configuration where you can opt to hide the parent lines or visualize the object count. By visualizing the object count, the icons are surrounded by circles of varying thickness to indicate the number of objects of that specific type.

You can also create new references directly in the graph by pressing shift and dragging from one object type to another indicated by a purple line as seen in the image below.

The graph tries automatically to re-arrange itself in such a way that it is visually pleasing but you can also do it manually by pressing the lock symbol.

Object Type Graph

The object type graph is mostly the same as the object type graph but enables you to focus more on a specific part of your schema. By double clicking on the icon for an object type you can expand the graph and show also the types connected to that one.

Object Graph

Force graph view

The object graph is used to view specific objects and their relations. On the right, you can see all attributes, issues, and attachments for the selected object. By double-clicking an object, you expand the graph to include all related objects.

As with the other graphs you can stop the icons moving around by clicking the lock icon. In the configuration, you can set the reference depth which tells how far from the initial object the graph should show, i.e. if you set it to 1 you will only see the selected object and related objects, set it to 2 and you will also see all objects related to the related objects and so on.

Tree graph view

This view let you watch your object references in a hierarchical tree structure. Referenced objects are grouped by Object Type to make it easier to distinguish them.