This documentation is for Insight for Server/Data Center only.

Import structured data from an Insight object schema. This action imports data from an object schema, as well as automation rules, roles, and any import configurations that are attached to that object schema. You can import data from another schema on the same server, or from an object schema on an entirely different server. 

This import type is only available for Insight Server/Data Center 8.1 and above, running on Jira Server/Data Center 8.x+.

Some use cases could be:

  • Synchronize two different servers, each running a different object schema.
  • Create a staging instance containing a subset of the full data from an object schema.
  • Synchronize data between a master server and a set of child servers that contain a subset of the full data.

Import Type Fields

These are the module type specific fields that need to be configured for this import type:




The URL of the server that is running Jira with Insight.

UsernameThe username for authentication with the other server.
PasswordThe password for authentication with the other server.
Object SchemaThe Name or Object Schema ID for the target server.

External Hash Key

Because  of the possibility the two synchronizing servers might contain objects with the same name, every object imported from another server is assigned an External Hash Key as an attribute. This hash key is built by appending the URL, schema ID, and the object key to create a longer, unique hash.

Predefined Structure & Configuration

The predefined structure and configuration will be based upon the existing configuration of the target Insight object schema.

If your object schema has references to another object schema, these references MAY not be imported.