This documentation is for Insight for Server/Data Center only.

Important note

Exporting an object schema currently does not include the import connections you have setup to your schema. I.e your JSON import, CSV, LDAP ..etc

If you wish to preserve the import connections you will have to do a Jira backup. This will include a backup of your Jira issues and projects along with Insight data.

Object Schema Export

To export an Object Schema, navigate to:

  • Insight -> Configure -> Import / Export
  • Select: Object Schema Export

(info) The "Name" Attribute for the objects will be exported according to the setting in the Jira System - Insight Add-on Configuration.
In order to be a able to successfully Import an Exported Object Schema, the system importing to: MUST have the the same Insight "Name" Attribute setting.

Configure the Object Schema Export

File name

The file that will contain the exported object schema (.zip).
(warning) The exported file will be placed on the server, in the directory indicated by the description.

Object schemaA dropdown showing a list of object schemas that can be exported.
Object schema with objectsObjects (and any Avatars & Attachments associated to the objects) will be exported.
Object schema without objectsOnly the object schema structure will be exported.
PasswordIf provided, the exported file will be protected by the password entered by the user. Later when importing this file, the same password must be provided in order to be able to perform the import.