This documentation is for Insight for Server/Data Center only.

How to integrate Insight with Jira Service Desk

A current restriction in Jira Service Desk require some more steps to enable the Insight custom field in the Customer Portal. This is how you make it happen for Insight:

Step 1 - Configure the Insight custom field

Once your asset structure is set up, you can create one or more Insight custom fields. Add the field(s) to the relevant Jira Screens. You can read about how to configure the custom field to specific object schemas here: Insight Custom Field (Deprecated)

Step 2 - Add the Insight custom field to the Jira Service Desk Screens

Add the Insight custom field to relevant Jira Service Desk Screens.

Step 3 - Add the Insight custom field to the Jira Service Desk

Navigate to your Service Desk and go to the tab "Customer Portal". Choose the "Request type" where you want to insert your Insight custom field and then click "Edit form". In the "Fields" tab, click on the "Add a field" button. Choose the Insight custom field you want to add. 

Step 4 - Enable Insight Custom Field

You need to enable the Insight custom field to be able to show it on the portal.

Step 5 - Show the field on the portal

After you have enabled the field you may "Show" the Insight custom field and you are ready to launch! 

The result might look something like this:

Step 6 - Enable access for Service Desk Customers

To enable access to Service Desk Customers, you have to to go the configuration of the Object Schema that you want to expose. Click the "Enable" button and you are ready to go!

When enabling access for customers (Jira Users without any permission), you enable access for all Jira users, not only customers.

Step 7 - Show or Hide the custom field on the issue details for Service Desk Customers.

To show or hide a custom field for being exposed on the issue details, you need to configure that in the custom field configuration. Go to "Custom Fields" in the Jira administration and then find your custom field and go to "configure". Then you click on "Edit Insight configuration".

You will see a "Service Desk" tab where you may show or hide the custom field. This is a bit different from the normal behavior because of the lack of third party custom field support in Jira Service Desk.