This documentation is for Insight for Server/Data Center only.

To be able to access Insight, you need to be a member of the role Insight User, Insight Manager or Insight Administrator.
Members of the global permission Jira Administrators can always access Insight.

Connect Jira issues to Insight objects

In order to be able to connect Jira issues to Insight objects, the following prerequisites must be fulfilled

  • Your Jira administrator has configured the Insight custom field and associated it to the screen/s that you use
  • You are a member of the Insight User role

Create or edit a Jira issue, locate the Insight field, in this example "Mac Component"

If you cannot find the desired object, launch the Object Picker dialogue by clicking on the icon .

The Object Picker is shown where you can search through the Object Types (left hand side) and the Objects (right hand side).
(info) Note that you can press the small grey arrow next to the object name to expand the object attributes in order to be sure you select the desired object. 

(info) Note that you can shift-click on an Object Type (left hand side) , to select all Object Types cascading down in the tree structure.


Select the object you want to associate the Jira issue to and press Select.

If you want to see how an object is related to other object, launch the Graphical Object Explorer by clicking on the Graph button.

The graph view shows how the object is related to other objects in the structure.

You can drill down the graph view to see more details on related objects. In this case we might want to know what else is connected to "Macbook-pro-1". If we double click on that object we can see the references to other objects in the structure.

The graphical explorer gives you great possibility to understand the details of related objects in the structure and it helps you to choose the right object for your Jira issue.