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Insight is configured to automatically grant the Insight Administrators role to all jira-administrators. However, Insight will not necessarily inherit permissions from any particular active directory (AD) configuration running on your Jira instance.

For example, if you are using Crowd SSO you can temporarily create a jira-administrators group in Crowd, which will map with the local jira-administrators group on Service Desk and allow you to do operations in Insight.

Global Permissions 

In global settings you can specify who should have administrative permissions in Insight.

People assigned to the Insight Administrator role can perform all actions in Insight.

Permission management

In order to change permissions you need to have the global permission JIRA Administrators.

Object Schema Permissions

Open your object schema and select "Configure" in the drop down menu

By selecting the "Roles" tab you can set the object schema permissions.

You can set the groups or users who should be the object schema managers, object schema developers and object schema users  by clicking the row you wish to edit.

The short explanation of the different roles is that Users can view, Developers can also create/edit and Managers can perform all actions within the schema. More detail in the table below.

PermissionInsight Users

Insight DevelopersInsight Managers

Insight Administrators

JIRA Administrators

Report JIRA issues on Insight objectsXXXXX
Search for Insight objects and attributesXXXXX
View object graph explorerXXXXX
View object type graph explorerXXXXX
View Insight custom fieldXXXXX
Create/Edit Insight objects
Move Objects (Object Type To)
Move Objects (Object Type From)

Delete Insight objects

Create/Edit/Delete Attributes

Modify Insight object schema

Delete Insight object schema

Create Insight object schema

Manage icons

Manage References

Import object schemas

Manage global Insight permissions

Create/Manage Insight custom field

Move object type (drag & drop)

Delete object type


Object Type Permissions

You can set permissions for a specific object type by selecting "Configure" in the Object Type dropdown menu

The object type permissions work the same way as the schema ones but on the object type level and have a higher priority in case of a clash. For example it is possible to allow more users to create objects of a certain type by having the object type permissions more general than the schema permissions, on the other hand it is also possible to restrict the number of users who can view certain objects by setting the type permission to be more strict than corresponding schema permissions.

It is however not possible to limit the actions of an Object Schema Manager and a user must be an Object Schema User to be able to view anything in the schema, regardless of type permissions.

If no object type permissions are set all permissions are granted according to the object schema permissions.