This documentation is for Insight for Server/Data Center only.

Object Schema

An object schema is an isolated meta structure of object types, attributes, references, permissions, icons etc. You can have as many object schemas you want, often with individual purpose (Hardware & Software, HR, CRM, Marketing etc.). You need to be in the Insight Administrator role to create object schemas but you may delegate the manage role to users and groups

You must create an object schema before you can create objects. The object schema is configured to set the hierarchical structure of objects as well as the Object Schema Key

Object TypeAn object type is a template for objects (of that type) where you define type attribute. The object types can be created in a hierarchy to enable inheritance and visual logic. 
AttributeAttributes are created to add “data fields” to an object type. Attributes can be of different types and have different type values. Attributes can be configured with viewing restrictions, inheritance, cardinality, uniqueness etc. Attributes can conceptually be seen as similar to Jira Custom Fields.
ObjectAn object is an instance of an object type. It’s properties are set by the type and attribute configuration. An object must be created in a specific Object Schema and be instanced by a specific Object Type. Objects often represent assets like a specific server, computer, customer, contract, license, employee (it's your imagination that determines what an asset can be for you).
Object GraphThe object graph is used to get a graphical overview of certain objects in a structure. The object graph shows the attributes of the selected object as well as the references to other objects in the structure.
Insight Custom Field

To enable Jira issues to be referenced to Insight objects, the administrator needs to configure a Insight Custom Field. The custom field is configured to point out a desired starting point in the object type structure. Once the Insight Custom Field is configured and enabled on a screen, users can start to associate Jira issues to Insight objects

ReferenceA reference is a relation between objects. You can specify inward and outward descriptions of a reference. A specific color can be set for a reference making it easier to distinguish the reference in the Object Graph
Inbound ReferenceIf an object has an “inbound reference”, it means that other objects in the same or different schemas are pointing to it.
Outbound ReferenceIf an object has an “outbound reference”, it means that this object is pointing to other objects inside the same or different schema.
Reference TypeReferences can be of different type (Installed, Blocks, Affects, Critical Depends etc.) You can give the reference type a name and a color. You can set up as many reference types you like.
KeyThis is the unique attribute on every object type. This is autogenerated for every object when it is created. This is not editable.
LabelThis is the name identifier for an object. When you list your objects anywhere in Insight, you want to choose one attribute as a label for that list that identifies the objects in the user interface.