This documentation is for Insight for Server/Data Center only.

All organisations have things they care about, things that are a part of their core business - namely their business assets. 

A business asset is an item of value owned or otherwise valued by an organization. Business assets span many categories. They can be physical, tangible goods, such as vehicles, real estate, computers, office furniture, and other fixtures, or intangible items, such as software and intellectual property. And we shouldn't forget the most valuable "assets" of them all: the people. 

Insight help organisations manage and control all kinds of assets.

Insight main features

Insight is packed with features and here are a few of the most loved ones.

Sophisticated Imports

We've made sure that importing data into Insight is a smooth experience, regardless of data source. You can use the built in import types to get your data from databases, CSV files, JSON files or LDAP servers. We also provide several free Insight integration apps on Marketplace which let's you automatically import data from cloud providers like Google, Azure and AWS. On top of that there is also free apps to import data from solutions like ServiceNow, Microsoft SCCM and Snow License Manager.

Business Intelligence

Using Insight as a trusted source for thousands or millions of your assets require powerful reporting to stay on top on everyday changes to your core business. The reports available in Insight gives you the intelligence you need and if you need special reports, you can easily build your own report types by following our documentation.

Graphical Visualization

Being able to visualize complex dependencies is crucial when you work with enterprise asset management. That's why Insight comes packed with three levels of different graphs where you can see how assets relate to each other. You can also model your asset types directly in the schema graph to visually create your data model. 

Automation Framework and Post Functions

The automation framework in Insight let's you set up automation rules to not only control and manipulate your assets but also the associated Jira issues. The rules can create Jira issues for you, edit asset attributes, execute a groovy script, and send http requests. Insight also withholds a set of post functions for your Jira workflow transitions. You can let your Jira workflow manipulate your assets in Insight.

Dependency Mapping

Most, if not all assets has relationships/references to other assets/objects. A computer has references to its installed software, to its user, to its vendor, to its cost centre etc. Insight gives you the features to manage all levels of references between your assets. References can also be preserved when importing data from external data sources.

Unparalleled Flexibility 

Insight was built with flexibility as prime objective. It's not a system aimed just for one or a few use cases, it's a system where your imagination sets the boundaries for what you can use it for. That's why our customers come from all different kind of industries and sectors. We give you the power to tailor Insight to fit your business, regardless of what it is. If you think about an asset as an "object of any kind", then you start realizing that the definition of an "object" is in your hands - the system will not limit you in that definition.

Insight use cases

Since Insight can be used to manage all kinds of assets, the possible use cases are countless but here are a few more common ones.

IT Service Management

When working with Incidents, Problems, Changes and IT related requests, the need for an integrated and up-to-date CMDB is key to be successful. This fact has been stated by analysts like Forrester and Gartner for years. Customers in this area use Insight to manage all IT related assets while they use Jira to design the workflows and handle all related service desk tickets. The deep integration between the tickets and their corresponding assets in Insight makes agents faster and customers more precise as they create their tickets. 

Human Resources

HR service management supports organizations to streamline HR service delivery and enable interaction between HR and employees. The right HR service management solution will facilitate IT and HR to jointly transform their organization’s HR service delivery. 

To get the most value out of these solutions, you need to connect your HR processes with the affected objects (people and things) which requires your service management solution to have access to the data describing these objects. Insight provides these capabilities and by boosting you projects with Insight, HR staff and employees can experience the following benefits:

  • Automation of standard HR processes within the Enterprise
    • Use automation, scripting and insight custom fields to automate processes like employee onboarding/offboarding saving time by eliminating manual time-consuming activities like checklists, emails etc 
    • Ensure faster service delivery. in the case of on-boarding ensure that a new employee has everything they need ready on day one including hardware, software, and security accounts etc by using Insight to manage all relevant data 
    • Multi-departmental processes provides a seamless services workflow, e.g automatically set an on-boarding ticket that triggers Facility management to set up a new workplace

  • Control- and record-keeping of employee related information and minimized administration
    • Import all relevant data into Insight.
    • Easily search and get instant access to accurate and up to date employee information, to be used for planning and reporting purposes (eg how many employees do I have in Stockholm office)
    • Get access to historical records connected to each object
    • Integrate with other HR related models, using Insight as the system of record
      • Display Insight HR related information in reports and use the the data to create organizational charts

Customer Relationship Management

The processes in a sales organisation can entail prospect identification and classification, lead capture, deal management, sales funnelling, customer retention and follow-up. These processes not only need to capture a lot of data, they also needs to be accurate and quick. For the right decisions to be made, you need all the information at your fingertips. Insight provides the way to capture and store information about leads, customers, deals, contracts, licenses and all other types of metadata. Together with tasks and issues in Jira, Insight provides a robust platform for customer relationship management.

Facility Management

Facility service management is focused on providing support services for the facilities that it serves. A service management solution with Jira and Insight can improve the service levels with a reduced cost of operation. 

With insight you can build an asset Inventory datastore, facility management service catalog and make the objects available to wider enterprise stakeholders. By connecting the data in Insight with your business processes and ticketing systems facilities staff and service agents can:

  • Identify the affected asset for each facility request so they know which items are impacted
  • Indicate the location of a facility service request so the facilities team knows exactly what and where the service should be delivered
  • Route requests to the right person and department upon request for faster delivery
  • Schedule regular maintenance activities, connected to objects, which will make sure they are never forgotten
  • Search and get a history of all the activities centered around an object for follow up and compliance   

... and much more.

Legal & Compliance

There are several important frameworks and regulations to comply or adhere to such as GDPR, SOC, PCI, ISO and many others. Regardless if your business is affected by one or more of these standards, it requires you to have a certain level of control of your data. Insight can be your true companion through the implementation phase as well as during the day-to-day operations. The features in Insight lets you store and manage all different aspects of data subjects, procedures, coverage and exposure. The references between data entities really comes to show here as well as the advanced reports needed for compliance reporting.

Legal departments also rely of the meta data in Insight related to all legal documentation and agreements.

Service- and Product Catalogues 

An important requirement from Insight customers is the possibility to manage sophisticated and enterprise grade service- and product catalogues. And we're happy to conclude that Insight really master this area with all the necessary features you need, from reporting and advanced searching to automation and post-functions. Automate your catalogue experience and experience the unparalleled control with Insight. End users can create requests towards all your catalogue items by creating tickets in any flavour of Jira.