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Find the import tab

  1. Log in as a object schema manager
  2. Select the object schema you want to use
  3. Choose Object Schema > Configure > Import tab


The easiest way to think of the Insight import is in the three mappings that you have to configure

QuestionInsight conceptDescription

Where is my external data located?

When should my external data be read to Insight?

How is my external data stored?

Import ConfigurationThe import configuration is the top level of the configuration. This part of the configuration is extendable by using different import module. To exemplify the data can be fetched from database, LDAP, CSV etc.

How do I want to structure my data?Object Type Mapping

This mapping specifies which part of your external data should go into which object type in your Insight object schema.

One external data source can be mapped to several object types. The IQL can be used to determine which objects should be included in each object type.

Which parts of my data should be stored in Insight?

How can I identify relationships in my data?

Object Type Attribute MappingThis is the final mapping. Here you map your external data parts to Insight attributes. This is just a mapping between the external data and your attributes. In other words the importer will take care of creating the correct attribute value based on your configuration when importing external data.