This documentation is for Insight for Server/Data Center only.

Select columns to permanently pin to the left of the object search. If there are too many possible columns, you can filter this list in different ways.

  1. Click Insight > Search for objects.
  2. Create a new object search, or click on a Recent or Favorite search.
  3. Click Columns at top-right to view the Manage Columns dialog. You will now see a list of all attributes for all of the objects in your object schema.
  4. To filter the list:
    1. Click All object types and select an object type to view. The list will now be filtered to only show the attributes of that object type.
    2. Click Filter... and type in the name of an attribute. The list will be filtered to show only attributes with similar names.
  5. Click on the pin icon to the right of the name to pin or unpin the column in this object search.
  6. Click Done.