This documentation is for Insight for Server/Data Center only.

Use IQL or FreeText to search an object schema for objects matching your specifications.

  1. Click Insight > Search for objects.
  2. Click on the  icon and select an object schema to search. The three most recent object schemas are shown - if you'd like to select a different object schema, click More object schemas... and select from the list.
  3. Select either IQL or FreeText as your mode of searching:
    1. FreeTextFreeText will search the text of all objects and object attributes for relevant strings, but will not search any non-string data.
    2. IQLIQL can be used to create more advanced queries using logical statements, placeholders, and references. In the object search screen, the built-in autocomplete will assist you in creating IQL searches. For more information, see IQL - Insight Query Language.
  4. Enter a search query in the top text bar.
  5. Click theSearch icon.