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You need to have the global permission Jira Administrators to configure the global settings in Insight

Access global settings

You access the global settings by selecting Configure in the Insight drop-down menu.


Objects in Insight can have references to other object and here is where you create, edit and delete those references. You can name the reference, specify an outward and inward description as well at setting a color which will be used by the reference arrows in the object graph.


Objects in Insight can have statuses which represent a special attribute types. And they belong to a specific category type, which can be Active, Inactive and Pending. 

Global permissions 

As a member of the Jira-administrators group,  you can specify who should have administrative permissions in Insight.
People assigned to the Insight Administrator role can perform all actions in Insight.

(info) To read more about Insight permissions, view this page.

Export and import object schema

You can export your object schema on this tab as specified here.

To import an object schema, you click on the Object Schema Import button and uploading your previously exported object schema as described here.

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