This documentation is for Insight for Server/Data Center only.


This step-by-step guide will introduce you to Insight. You'll learn how to install the software, and about the basic concepts and features. Then you'll learn how to use Insight with a basic tutorial.

  • Overview

    Read about Insight and its capabilities.

    Understand its features.

    Read about the common use cases implemented with it.

  • Concepts

    Understand the fundamental concepts of Insight - objects, object types, attributes, references (inbound and outbound).

    Understand how Insight can be used in different situations - ITSM, HR, and IT - to manage and automate business processes.

    Learn how these concepts come together into a complete object schema.

  • Installation Guide

    Understand system requirements and other options that you should have in place before you install Insight.

    Understand how to install Insight on a Jira instance. Learn how to update an existing version of Insight.

    Learn how to uninstall and disable a running instance of Insight.

  • Basic Tutorial

    Learn how to create a basic schema, create object types and define their attributes.

    Next, create objects for each object type.

    After this, link these Insight objects to your Jira Software projects, Jira Service Desk projects or Jira Business projects.

  • Getting started with the ITSM template

    Understand how to quickly set up an ITSM project using our template and sample data.

    Demonstrate what a sample incident, problem, and change workflow might look like in a team.

    Integrate the Insight project with Jira and Jira Service Desk.