Zip Library Exchange

Make sure to use the latest Insight version (at least 5.7.0) when using the Insight Discovery

This release will exchange the used Zip-Library, the old Library causes issues on updating the Discovery Tool on Linux system (ID-108)

Performing this update is just required if you are running the Discovery Tool on a Linux system with Mono.Net

Windows Server System:

You don't need to run this update! 

The issue is just affecting Linux systems, if you are running the Discovery-Tool on a Windows system the Zip-Library will also change on the following releases.

Linux Server System:

Please perform the following steps:

  • Backup you Discovery folder
  • or backup all .cfg files and the file
  • extract the following files from the new package (2.27.1)
  • ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll, update.exe, ftd
  • copy & replace these 3 files to your existing Discovery folder
  • copy the file to you discovery/update folder
  • run "mono update.exe"

Insight 5.7.0 or above is required for this version of Insight Discovery

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