This documentation is for Insight for Jira Cloud only.

Automatically assigns Insight assets to the user referenced by the object. Only assets that are assigned to a user, or unassigned assets, will appear in the Jira Service Desk portal. If the object has multiple user-type attributes, the first attribute is selected as the assignee. 

  1. Click the Insight icon in the Jira sidebar.
  2. Under Configuration, click Asset Type Configuration.
  3. Click Add asset type configuration.
  4. In the dialog box:
    1. Under Name, enter a name for the asset type as it appears in Jira. This will be the name of the Asset Type added to Jira. 
    2. Under IQL, enter an IQL filter to use to synchronize objects into the Asset Type in Jira.
    3. Enable Assign Assets.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Review the information summary, and then click Save to save the asset type configuration.
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