Single source of truth

It is now possible to map your additional Insight Discovery fields to structured Insight attribute fields and not only as text values. See the Insight 5.0 release notes for more information. 

The beta release of Discovery can be found here and requires the Insight 5.0 beta, the official release release will be available on marketplace as usual. 

Make sure to use the latest Insight Beta version when using the Insight Discovery 2.0 beta. 

We also have included improvement on the discovery tool such as:

  • Possibility to "hard"-reset the password
  • Click on ScanSettingsID will copy it to clipboard
  • Trigger available Agents to start a local scan
  • Select files (pattern, configuration) to synchronize with all available Agents
  • Start multiple Scan-Entries from command line with -r <entryID;entryID>
  • Add a maximum scan time per thread
  • Simulate a Terminal-Console for sudo commands when "tty" is required
  • Add an Evaluation-Report function
  • Add a delete Basic-Hosts function
  • Add a Credential-Store export function

Insight 5.0 or above is required for this version of Insight Discovery

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