This documentation is for Insight for Server/Data Center only.

Modify the attributes of multiple objects. The actions available that are based upon these attributes may be changed.

  1. Click Insight > Search for objects.
  2. Click Bulk >Edit.
  3. Complete each step to bulk edit the objects:
    1. Choose objects:
      1. Choose the objects that you wish to edit by clicking on the button to the left of the object. To select all of the objects on this page, click on the button at the top of the object list. To select all objects, click Select all (number of objects) objects.
      2. Click Next.
    2. Edit attributes 
      1. If needed, you can Filter the list of attributes by the attribute name.
      2. For each attribute, select an Action to modify the attribute value, or leave the field empty.
        1. Add to - add this value to the existing value of the attribute.
        2. Clear all - remove the value of this attribute.
        3. Remove - subtract this value from the existing value of the attribute.
        4. Replace by - replace the current value of this attribute with the new value.
      3. Click Next.
    3. Confirm edit
      1. You will now see a summary of the changes about to be made. This action cannot be undone. All attribute values of all objects within the current selection will be modified.
      2. Click Confirm to make the bulk edits.