This documentation is for Insight for Server/Data Center only.

Insight is a system that is used to manage a wide variety of "things" in Jira. Let's make it clear that Jira is phenomenal for managing Issues, Insight is great for everything else.

"- But issues can represent anything...?"

Naa, just like you can use a hammer to put in a screw doesn't mean it's appropriate. It will certainly damage the screw and it will probably not fulfil the result you are looking for.

Simulating Jira issues to represent assets will put you in an awkward and undesirable situation where you are forced to report issues on your issues... 

Enterprise Asset Management can't be done with native Jira, that's why we created Insight.

The primary objective of an effective asset management program is to ensure assets maximise value to all stakeholders in the value chain throughout the asset's life cycle.

Pic: Using native Jira for Asset Management

Insight usage

Organizations use Insight to manage all sorts of assets, some examples are:

  • Hardware and Software - servers, computers, phones, routers etc as well as hundreds of installed software programs
  • Release Management - versions of developed code/programs, components, subsystems, builds, releases etc.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) - customers, individual contacts, agreements, opportunities
  • HR (Human Resources) - employees, contracts, on-boarding, off-boarding, leave, access rights etc.
  • Sales - marketing assets, campaigns, funnelling, licenses, web shop etc.
  • Facility Management - buildings, rentals, offices, contractors, plumbing, maintenance etc.

Since Insight was launched, we've seen innovative ways to utilise the power of Insight together with Jira. The strong integration between Jira and Insight makes this system the perfect fit for organisations interested to manage assets together with their associated issues.

Insight is for every team

What Insight provides

Insight provides several key features which enable asset management and ITSM with Jira.

Read more about Insight and how to use it here: