This documentation is for Insight for Server/Data Center only.

You have now built your first object schema in Insight, it's about time to enable the power on Insight for the masses.

In order for your Jira users to select assets from the create issue dialogue, we need to create some Jira custom fields and place them on the screens.

Creating the Insight Custom Field

(info) You are of course a member of the jira-administrators group, just checking (smile)

Press g+g or . and navigate to Custom fields.

Press Add Custom Field and select the Insight Object/s field.

Name the field: Affected Server and make it visible on the intended Screen

Click on the cog wheel for the newly created custom field and select Configure. Click on Edit Insight Configuration.

Set these values:

Great, you've just integrated Insight with Jira issues!

Create a Jira issue (be sure that you enabled the custom field on a screen that is used by the issue type you are creating).

You should be able to see the custom field like this:

View issue details

After successfully creating your issue, you should see a screen like this:

Hover over the affected server and experience the powerful information provided from Insight. Try clicking on some of the links, it will take you directly to the object in Insight for the complete information for that object.

Having trouble with the tutorial? Create a support ticket here.