This documentation is for Insight for Server/Data Center only.

Insight for Jira Cloud is a full-fledged product, but it also has a number of notable differences from Insight for Server/Data Center. Let's walk through the features that are in the product and what's upcoming.

Objects and object modeling

Object schemas

Use object schemas to organize the structure of your object types, objects, and attributes. Use inheritance to share attributes with child object types.


Object schema templates

Create an object schema from a template that contains a pre-created object schema, object types, and objects.


Object types

Use object types to manage how information is managed using different attributes and references.



Use objects to store information of any kind. 



Use roles to manage permissions for different Jira users and groups.



Use attributes to manage what kind of information is stored within each object.



Use references to manage how objects are related to one another.


Data and data modeling

Integrate with Jira

Integrate between Insight and Atlassian Jira.

  • If using Insight for Jira Cloud, we must use the "Asset field" to integrate with Jira, which does not offer the same level of functionality as the integration between Insight Server and Jira.

Import and synchronization - CSV Imports

You can now import data to your object types using CSV files.


Export objects

Export data from Insight as a backup, or to be used in other systems.


Reporting, viewing, and searching

Object graph

Use the object graph to view the relationship and hierarchy between different objects and object types.


Object search

Search for objects using their name or attributes.


IQL search

Use IQL (the Insight Query language) to create a powerful and dynamic object search.

Placeholders included when. you use IQL in Automation and post functions.


Bulk edit objects

Make changes to a large number of objects at once.



View your Insight information in myriad different ways.



Use an Insight widget to view Insight information within a Jira Dashboard or on a Confluence page.


Print QR Codes

Generate printable QR codes for each object in Insight.


Label templates

Generate printable, customizable label templates for each object in Insight.




Use post-functions to automate tasks automatically when a particular transition in a workflow is triggered.

Only two Insight post-functions are currently supported in Cloud: "Set the value of an object attribute with a predefined value" and "Set the value of an object attribute with a predefined value".


Object Automation

Create rules that automate simple tasks in Insight. Rules are automatically triggered upon certain events.

Supported Events for automation:

  • Object created
  • Object updated
  • Object deleted
  • Comment added
  • Comment edited
  • Comment deleted
  • Attachment added
  • Attachment deleted 
  • Scheduled event

Supported Actions for automation:

  • Attribute Value
  • Http Request
  • Email Notification
  • Create Jira Issue


REST API(tick)